High standards can only be assured if the requirements and standards are controlled regularly and Schuller have created a number of standardised test sequences that guarantee the consistently high quality of their German kitchens.

Schuller have received certification from a number of independent bodies for their exceptional product quality. And what is it all about? Making sure that  customers and end users can enjoy their kitchens for longer – because Schüller made them.

schuller kitchens - Tension and compression testTension and compression test
This tests the strength of materials and connections, for instance of fittings, transverse tensile strength of wood-based materials and the durability of bonds.

schuller kitchens - Static loads of shelvesStatic loads of shelves
Schuller use weights to test the maximum deflection of shelves made of glass or wood-based materials.

schuller kitchens - Resistance to chemicalsResistance to chemicals
Surfaces in the kitchen come into contact with aggressive substances such as cleaning products, citric acid and vinegar, to name but a few. We carry out thorough checks into their resistance.

schuller kitchens - Heat test dry and dampHeat test dry and damp
This test provides information on a product’s heat resistance. Worktops are tested at temperatures of up to 180°C. Colour, gloss and resistance to blistering must be maintained.

schuller kitchens - Water vapour testWater vapour test
The fronts and carcases of kitchen furniture are often exposed to water vapour. This practical test simulates the effects so that the components can be further optimised.

schuller kitchens - Water exposureWater exposure
This process is used to test the quality of the edging. There must be no swelling or development of gaps.

schuller kitchens - sun testSun test
Surfaces are exposed to a Xenon arc lamp. The covered part of the sample is then compared with the exposed one to compare ageing.

schuller kitchens - Standardised light boothStandardised light booth
All materials are checked in a standardised light booth in order to guarantee colour stability.

schuller kitchens - Colour matching assuranceColour matching assurance
In order to ensure that colours match, for instance when re-ordering, the colours of incoming goods are tested in permanent checks using special measuring equipment.

schuller kitchens - Scratch resistanceScratch resistance
A diamond tip is pushed onto a turning front surface. The resulting tracks are then carefully evaluated.

schuller kitchens - Cross-cut testCross-cut test
The cross-cut test tests the adhesion of lacquers and varnishes on various surfaces. The resulting scratches are assessed in accordance with fixed criteria.

schuller kitchens - Layer thicknessLayer thickness
This test provides information on the total thickness of a coating, which helps to keep the standards of quality consistent.

Climate test – Dry heat and heat with a high humidity can be used in the climate chamber. This is where the ageing of materials is simulated and tested in time lapse. How do fittings, laminated or painted components behave? The climate chamber provides the answers.


The high level of product quality is tested and confirmed by independent bodies.

GS test mark: Schuller’s latest models underwent safety tests at the furniture testing institute, LGA Nuremberg. Following the tests, the items received the GS quality seal confirming that they complied in full with all the requirements for operating convenience, load-bearing, material consistency and safety.

Golden M: The “Golden M” is presented by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) to furniture that has been thoroughly tested. It needs to be stable, safe, durable and well-made – and must not contain any materials or substances that are harmful to health. Strict tests and continuous inspections ensure that furniture that carries the RAL quality seal meets the very high requirements of the DGM.

ISO 9001: In September 2003 Schuller kitchens received the QA certificate EN ISO 9001, which controls customer orientation and process quality with regard to requirements and satisfaction concerning product and design. QA certification is reviewed annually in tests.